Automatic alcohol & soap dispensers

Automatic alcohol dispensers

Alcohol spray dispenser / Automatic alcohol spray dispensers

     Alcohol Dispenser can be divided into automatic alcohol spray dispensers and manual alcohol spray dispensers .

     Automatic sterilizers use the principle of induction to spray disinfectant substances in a contactless manner, and disinfect electrical appliances on the hands and upper arms.

    The manual sterilizer sterilizes the hands and upper arms by pressing a button.

     Alcohol sterilizers are widely used in pharmaceutical companies, food processing plants (companies), medical and health, banks, hotels, catering outlets and kindergartens to disinfect their hands to ensure hygiene.

    This product is made to provide long-lasting strength and use, ideal for high-traffic areas such as restroom of gyms, bars, shopping malls, supermarkets, restaurants…



Made of Top ABS plastic
       Our alcohol sprayer is made of plastic, which reduces its weight (approximately 800-900 grams each), which is easy to place in various places, and its exquisite and compact shape basically takes up little space and is very convenient

High capacity
     Although its appearance is relatively small, but its large capacity, each product can hold about 1200 ml of liquid. And the amount of liquid is only about 1ml each time, which proves that it can be used for a long time when filled with liquid once.

Alcohol spray
     Efficient sterilization can kill 99% of pathogenic bacteria and viruses on the skin surface. After spraying, you can wash without water, take food indirectly or engage in sanitary work, saving time, safety and care.

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